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Getting started on bettering yourself is hard. Whether it be working on yourself, building a business up, or healing others the first steps can be confusing and difficult to navigate. I decided to start compiling the resources I use to get started  to help make the first steps of your journey a little easier. This is a working list and will continue to grow, so make sure to check back!

Entrepreneurship Resources


An amazing, woman owned and ran brand building company. They provide brand strategy, web design, shopify design, website-in-a-week, design day, content & marketing, and A La Carte Services to help you build your company up to cut through the noise of the modern day market.


 Caitlyn Casper built this website and built the design. As a Business Development Specialist, she also provides services for all things entrepreneurship including business and marketing plans, systems and operations management, social media marketing, as well as general business consulting to find the breakdowns in your company and how to streamline to success.


Holistic Resources and Trainings

✷ Relational Uprising

Relational Uprising is a training and coaching project that supports movement builders to foster interdependent and inclusive relational culture through narrative and Somatics practices.

✷ Feminine Soul Awakening

Feminine Soul Awakening is devoted to awakening the Wisdom of the Feminine within all of us! The courses are for women- based on embodied practices, feminine rituals, where creative arts, psychological healing and spirituality can come together to empower the Feminine voice!!

✷ Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center

The Wild Ginger Community Center is a family run company that provides online courses as well as in-person courses in Costa Rica and Maryland. Their feature courses are Home Herbalism, Community Herbalism, and the Business of Herbalism. They have a large focus on building community and activism. 

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Social Media






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