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To Move or Not to Move?

Hey love,`

Fall of 2022 was INSANELY busy and it has been nothing short of chaotic! From dating, to needing to make moves about my living situation, taking swimming lessons with my nephew, going through the motions of the holidays, business things and planning for my long trip to Colombia, working and believe it or not… MORE! My living situation was probably one of the most draining situations of all..

First, I’d like to just start off with one thing, yes I do work! I won’t go into details now about it all, but during the summer and fall I was working in banquets during the Connecticut wedding season. I love the hospitality industry, have been working in it since I was 14 and will always work in it. The great thing about it is, you can find seasonal jobs, year round jobs, and there is no shortage of restaurants, hotels, or bars needing the help.

The only thing with this new venue was it was smaller than I was used to, meaning much longer hours for the same amount of pay I’d make at a larger venue and less hours. I didn’t mind though, they probably had some of the top best management teams I have worked with. People don’t realize how important a good management team is, not just on the aspect of managing, but their relationships and how they interact with employees. Technically, I am still employed by them. So, when I go home in March and weddings start in April, I’m good to go. But… what my future holds from now, I have no fucking clue.

My housing situation has been such a huge pain point. I love my apartment in downtown New London, Connecticut. For its size, central location and the current housing market, it is cheap. I am a short walk from downtown and minutes from the water. But, it’s time to reevaluate where I am at. Originally I was thinking of just giving up my apartment and traveling for a while. I have no partner, no kids and no mortgage. What I pay in rent here I can pay somewhere else, right? But then the questions start…

"Am I just running away? Do I use traveling to block myself and prevent myself from finding love or finishing major projects?"

I talked it out with my friend Teodora and she said, “You haven’t found love yet sitting in Connecticut, you can find love anywhere, anytime.” I actually became friends with Teodora in Aruba. While in Aruba I was working out with Sheryl of Sporty Lifestyle Aruba. One day she let me know that she was going to be leaving for a week and if I wouldn’t mind continuing with her intern, of course I wouldn’t. So, the next week, I was working out with this intern named Teodora also known as Teo. She is from Romania and had just recently moved to Aruba.

We quickly clicked and I invited her to a cookout at my Airbnb that weekend. One year later and we’re traveling through Colombia together! Gosh I love how life works! I also spoke with my therapist who pretty much said the same thing. So, I was kind of settled on not renewing my lease for my apartment. Then I talked to my mom about my plans and she asked, “Well, what if you end up only wanting to travel for a month or two and want to come home after? No way will you find an apartment with this much space, this much yard, in such a good location, for so cheap again.” Ugh, so back to the drawing board! What should I do? I can’t sublet and I don’t want to pay rent in two places… I guess the next thing is a possible roommate.

I was speaking with Michael Jessen, another cast member from 90 Day Fiance, who is also going through a moving transition. We played with the idea of being roommates for the time being until he settles into a home that he loves here in Connecticut. My landlord, once hearing about Michael’s dog, decided that they do not want any dogs in the home. Although when I first moved in with Syngin, they had said a small dog would be negotiable. After a few more trials of trying to find a perfect solution, the landlord was a hard no. We realized being roommates just wouldn’t work out. It stinks because it would have been fun working together on content ideas! As for the rumors of Michael and me hooking up --- HELL NO! Yes we are friends, have worked together, thought of being roommates, and may work together again in the future; but hooking up, never! Whoever started that must have been miserable and wanted some company, but they weren't going to make me miserable. Michael and I had some fun with it, made some tiktoks, laughed about it, and carried on with life.

I continued my hunt for a roommate by creating a Facebook group post to see if I could find a local person who would want to room with me. I understand it was Thanksgiving week but nobody followed up, even those who were interested. Plus, the landlord began giving me problems about my Facebook ad saying it was unacceptable and disrespectful. She claimed I didn’t tell her I was renting a room and was under the impression I was looking for someone I know to become a roommate, not sublessing or leasing a room in ‘her house’. For some odd reason, she felt that by me trying to find a roommate, I was trying to run some sort of business out of her home and she wasn’t having it. Like WTF?! Wtf did she think a roommate was? Someone I would just let live in the spare bedroom for free? We previously discussed and agreed I could search for a roommate… To save myself the time and a major headache I decided to just save my energy, pack everything up and move on out.

Currently, everything I own is in storage and I have plans to be in Colombia for over two months. Before I met the person I’ve been seeing, my Eve, I was just going to go with the flow. My initial plan was to travel to Colombia, then probably back to Aruba with Teo for a month and afterward head over to Europe with her to visit her homeland of Romania for a couple weeks. But … since I am dating and seeing someone, maybe if we’re still talking and things are going good, I’ll just go home in mid-March and continue to see where things go with her! For the sake of privacy Eve is the nickname I came up with. Eve "the first woman" borrowed from the bible. Well, most of us know technically there was Lilith first, but that can be my Aruba love that didn't go anywhere hahahaha.

As if I didn’t have enough going on in my life, in the fall I signed up my nephew Tobias for swimming lessons for six weeks. I’m not proud to admit that I am actually not a good swimmer… and well, I don’t want him to be a scaredy cat like me so swimming lessons it is! During this time, I am spending weekends in Massachusetts with my Eve. So, every Sunday I would wake up, drive an hour and a half to pick up my nephew and drive us to my hometown, Groton, Connecticut for swim lessons through the New London Park and Rec. I highly recommend that you check out your local park and rec for affordable activities for adults and kids! It’s an excellent resource. I took him every Sunday and originally, he would cling on to me as soon as the water would get deep. I started calling him my monkey man in the water. Now he doesn’t even want me touching him! He still uses floaties, but the swimming lessons have been a great success in getting him more comfortable with the water and swimming. To continue our Sunday ritual we would leave the swim lessons, and head over to Wings and Pies for our late lunch!

Anyways, as you can see now fall 2022 I was just slammed and there’s MORE! I finished moving everything out of my apartment with the help of CT Moving Helpers, LLC and Genie Cleaning Services, LLC of New London, Connecticut. In the next blog I will be opening up more about my new boo and how we spent the holidays. Now, I am in Colombia with Teo! You’ll want to subscribe to my YouTube for all my dating and Colombia adventures.

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Much Love,


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